We supply quality Smiths type speedo drives for nearside or offside fitting

giving clockwise output which is standard for most British machines.

The most common type is offside overslung or underslung in ratio’s

Of 2/1 15/12 or 1.25/1 giving clockwise output.

For Norton commando MK3 and Trident T160 with rear disc brake

The speedo drive is fitted to the nearside again giving clockwise output.

A J S and Matchless motorcycles with full width alloy hubs fit a special

speedo drive with a very large centre hole.

We can supply most of the above from stock.

The Smiths reference numbers for the above were BG.5330 to BG.5333 and

had a body thickness of .895 inches.

These types of drives replaced BG.5101 and BG.5103 which had a body

Thickness of .802 inches

Earlier 52283/50-88 type drives were much thinner so the later types may

not always fit.

When replacing the earlier type with the latest type the correct thickness

spaces must be used so as not to exert too much pressure on the gearbox

casing causing damage to the drive gears.

In certain cases we can also supply the very early front wheel speedo drives

and gears for pre war machines.

Note these speedo drives were also used on many British Two Strokes

I E James, Francis Barnet & Greeves during the 1950 1960 period.

The part numbers for these drives changed two or three times.

The most common part numbers were as follows.

34159 now BG2504 70458 now BG2511 25224 BG2500 and 70458

now BG2510.

These drives again are overslung or underslung with long reach or short

Reach bodies.

All of the above types are fitted with left hand or right hand gears to give

Clockwise out put.



 BG5330 and writing     offside under slung. Will also    replace

 BG5331 offside over slung )

 Quality made with 12 months warranty price

  Only 55.00

. BG5333 nearside under slung

 Trident and Commando type ONLY 55.00

Speedo drive post charges   UK =5.95 signed for

                                      EUROPE 14.95 signed for

                           USA CANADA 17.95  signed for

                      REST OF WORLD 18.95  signed for